Kitchen Appliences



Stainless steel interior and exterior, with the exception of the external base in galvanised steel;
Rounded internal angles;
High-pressure injected polyurethane, without the use of dangerous CFCs;
Insulation thickness: 40 mm;
Self-closing doors with magnetic gasket;
Front panel with electronic control board;
Ventilated refrigeration;
Standard easily removable tropicalised refrigeration unit (+40° room temperature and 60% relative humidity);
Blast chillers designed and arranged for remote refrigeration units as well;
Opening rear grate and removable unit for easy maintenance;
Defrosting with timed evaporator at end of cycle, and lower bowl for condensate water;
Cycles can be set with a core probe between +3°C and -18°C, or timed;
Height-adjustable stainless-steel feet (60/90 H mm);
Suitable for both GN 1/1 grids and 600 x 400 mm trays;
Ready to use.